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Supplier of Pure liposomal vitamins and minerals in powder form

Available in bulk powder form, encapsulated or private label.

What is the liposomal delivery system?

The problem

The absorption and bio-availabilty of supplements is a problem that manufacturers and researchers in the field wrestle with. Excipients, binders, fillers and flow agents can contribute to  poor disintegration rates for tablets and capsules which means poor absorption at best. The next problem is to ensure that the active ingredients move into the blood stream and reach the cells.

The solution

Liposomes have long been used as an effective pharmaceutical delivery method. More recently the liposome delivery method is becoming more common in natural health. The active ingredients are enveloped in a bubble of phospholipids which are fat molecules that make up the main part of the cell wall.  This protects the active ingredients and allows them to better survive the digestive process and enter the intestines.  Here the liposome fuses with the cell walls and the active ingredients are released resulting in enhanced uptake into the cells and not just the blood stream. The phospholipids of the liposome are then used in the body as they are identical to the cell membrane phospholipids.

Note that liposomes are non-toxic, flexible, biocompatible and completely biodegradable. 

Photo of single LipoCellTech™ powdered Multi liposome after contact with body fluids. The phospholipids are on the outside and the ingredients in the middle. Amplified 30,000 X  using an electron microscope.

Explanation - Liposome

LipocellTech™– Next generation liposomes

Unprecedented high bioavailability

The liposomal production of medicine, vitamins, and minerals has been successfully used for many years to improve the absorption of these substances by the body. Depending on the ingredient, absorption may increase by a factor of up to 20. Many scientific studies around the world support this. 

Liposomals for vitamins have been on the market since 2004. There are liquid liposomal products as well as powdered forms which are generally encapsulated.

Over the years various production methods have been evolved.  LipocellTech™ makes use of the most advanced production method of liposomal products in powder form. This production method has its origin in nature. During the production process, there is no use made of heat, high pressure, or chemicals, which is common in other production processes. This means the liposomal products are 100% natural and they are just about completely absorbed into the body.

The advantages of LipocellTech™ liposomes over other versions

The LipoCellTech™ liposomals are produced exclusively in powder form. Our liposomal powder has a number of advantages over other powdered forms and liquid forms:

In this table you can see the main differences.

Subject/Item Absorbability Shelf-life Taste Stability Storage Production Method
Regular supplements Limited Long Flavorless Usually high Refrigeration not needed Various
Liquid Liposomal supplements High Short Bad taste, need flavoring Poor Refrigeration needed Heat, pressure, chemicals
Regular powdered liposomal supplements High Long Flavorless High No refrigeration Heat, pressure, chemicals
LipoCellTech™ High Long Flavorless High No refrigeration No heat, pressure or chemicals

In a nutshell LipocellTech™ supplements have these qualities:

Nature’s Way – the production process

“Our liposomal manufacturing process uses no heat, no high pressure, no chemicals, and only the highest-quality ingredients.”

The method used by LipoCellTech™ imitates nature. That’s why we call it ‘Nature’s Way’.

The human body produces its own liposomes from food within the digestive system. By connecting the food to choline (vitamin B4), the body turns the nutrients from the food into liposomes. Our unique production process mimics the way in which the body produces liposomes. This ensures that the body recognises the liposomal products as its own material, leading to an higher absorption rate. After delivering the active ingredient to the cells, the liposome blends into the cell wall. Once the ingredients are obtained and mixed only natural products are used throughout the entire liposome production process. Even the cleaning of the production machines is done exclusively with organic cleaning agents.

Active ingredient remains

No heat, high pressure, or chemicals are used in the process. This has a number of benefits:

  • The active ingredient remains intact. The molecules are stable, which ensures that the liposomes do not break apart before they reach the cells. As a result, the active substance is only released in the cell, making it more effective.
  • The liposomal powder only contain pure and active ingredients. There is no chemical contamination because of the chemical-free production process.


“A much smaller oral dose of liposome encapsulated vitamin C, (5 to 10 grams), often results in a clearly superior clinical response than a much larger dose of vitamin C given intravenously (25 to 100 grams).”

Thomas E. Levy M.D., from his book Curing The Incurable (chapter 5)

Solving the problems of liposomal delivery

While still very new in its use in clinical medicine, liposome science began in the mid-1960s, and the following 40 years saw research into this area grow significantly.  A great deal of this research has been for using liposomes for the delivery of drugs as well as in farming and in the food industry.

More recently these developments have been applied for use in nutritional supplements.

LipoCellTech®’s manufacturing process takes full advantage of these latest developments and has improved on some.

See more information about the advantages of powdered liposomes (link to other page about science).

Purity of ingredients and testing

“Our liposomal manufacturing process uses no heat, no high pressure, no chemicals, and only the highest-quality ingredients.”

Because we consider only the highest quality to be good enough we begin by selecting the right raw materials and testing them for purity (contaminants), composition and concentration.

The ingredients are then weighed and carefully mixed to create the right composition.

The liposomes with active ingredients are produced without any heat, high pressure or chemicals. This ensures that the active ingredients remain intact and creates a liposome that the human body will recognise as its own material.

The end products are then tested in a lab again for purity,  composition and concentration. If they meet our high standards of quality, the products are then packaged.


LipoCellTech™ guarantees quality. The production facility is GMP-certified, and we adhere to strict quality procedures. That’s why each step of the manufacturing process is carefully documented and tested.

From start to finish of the production, storage and shipping process we adhere to HACCP standards and hold a HACCP certificate.

**HACCP- (Hazard analysis critical control point) is a management system in which food safety is addressed through the analysis and control of biological, chemical, and physical hazards from raw material production, procurement and handling, to manufacturing, distribution and consumption of the finished product.

Safety, efficacy and quality are three important pillars within our company. We work according to the strictest ethical standards, and highly value long-term relationships with our clients. According to our vision, this can only be done by delivering constant quality and continuous improvement.

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