About US

The company was founded by professionals with years of experience in the industry.

One of the founders has more than 30 years experience as an orthomolecular therapist with a thriving practice.  She was always investigating the best ways to improve people’s health and in search of answers to modern day health problems.

About LipoCellTech

In our modern world we are confronted with many things that influence our health; a huge increase in toxins entering our bodies coinciding with foods with diminishing nutritional value.  The problem that Marion sought to handle in her practice was how to get enough absorption of nutrients to heal patients who also suffered from the modern life style and thus diminished capacity to absorb supplements.  Her search proved fruitful and she had great successes in her practice, she was so delighted she decided she wanted to share this with the world. Starting with methods of detoxing and then with finding supplements that were more easily absorbed.

She and her partners looked for the best solution for supplement absorption and came up with stable, powdered liposomals manufactured in a much more natural way.  The ingredient formulations were created by Marion, based on her experience of what people

What we offer

You can buy any of our liposomal products as:

  • bulk powders, which means you can use them as a base ingredient for your own products,
  • encapsulated and thus ready to be bottled,
  • private label, in which case we do the encapsulating and bottling, and add your label.

How to order

You can contact one of our account managers by e-mail or telephone. They will help you as fast as possible.

Or you can call the following number: +31 (0)35 3039 150

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